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Best Free (or Low Cost) Tools for Web Marketing and SEO

Here is our list of our favorite free or low cost sites that offer tools for SEO, internet marketing, and related tasks:

1. Check Google page rank here: This free service allows you to type in any URL and check its page rank.

2. Search Engine Submission Page: Have a new web page or site? Just follow along with these links to quickly submit to various engines.

3. Top Article Marketing Sites: Follow these links to the best sites to submit your articles.

4. CopyBlogger.com: Great web writing tips, such as the 10 SureFire Headlines that Work page.

5. Low Cost Photos: Pay as little as $1 each to legally use photos in ads.

6. Check site demographics: Type in any URL and get the age, sex, income range and educational level of its visitors.

7. Make a short video for free. Take a picutre of make a short video of what you see on your computer monitor, then share it.

8. Check a site's top keywords. Put in a URL and see what any site is using for keywords, both paid and unpaid, and get a list of its organic competitors.

9. Create a site for free. Use Squidoo.com to quickly create a "lens" on any topic at no cost. Great for getting clicks to your main site, or just for fun.

10. Build links to your site: Here is a great list of ways to build links to your site.



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