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An easy, inexpensive way to accept credit cards

by Judy Camp

Sooner or later, every web company has to face the concept of accepting credit cards online. If you approach your bank for the answer, like I did, you will learn all about merchant accounts.

Merchant accounts
In the past these were fairly expensive to set up, making them the best choice for web marketers only after a certain level of sales was obtained. But competition has brought the cost down, and merchant accounts are becoming a better deal...

There is an alternative, one that's perfect for Internet start-ups. Third party processors provide the answer, and have several advantages over merchant accounts.

Third party processors
Third party processors handle the actual purchase on their own web site, so you don't have to worry about a secure server, or even learn any code. The downside is that the buyer's credit card will reflect the name of the third part processing company, rather than yours. But they are often easier and less expensive to set up. Most simply supply you with a "buy it" button, which you place on your site. Some third party processors even provide shopping cart opportunities. Your only cost is a small percentage of each sale. For an example of a product being sold by third part processor, you can view this page for a "for sale by owner" home sale kit.

All of the risk is taken by the other company, including credit card authorization, customer service and billing. You simply receive an email letting you know of the purchase and go from there.

Start-up and small companies can benefit greatly from the ease of set up and the low cost. A comparison of rates of several third party processors in available at http://www.ourbusinessoffice.com/creditcards.html.

Whichever method you choose, accepting credit cards can greatly increase your ability to have a profitable web site.

Judy Camp
(c) Copyright Paradox Productions, Inc.

Judy Camp has been a writer and marketing manager for
twenty years, and has focused on web marketing for the
past five years. Her web site http://www.ourbusinessoffice.com
provides resources for web businesses.

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